LOOPS  / Men's LUXE Cycling Jersey - Sandstone

LOOPS / Men's LUXE Jersey

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$240.00 AUD
LOOPS / Men's Continental Cycling Jersey - Almond

LOOPS / Men's Continental Jersey

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LOOPS / Men's WindTECH Cycling Gilet - Pink

LOOPS / Men's WindTECH Gilet

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Local Loops Cycling Club | Mens Shop Kit

Local is not defined by a postcode.

We don’t have to live on a particular street, ride on a particular road to be treated like we belong. Local is a mindset. A shared mentality. Beliefs. It’s shared experiences. The good. The bad. It’s knowing looks. Acknowledging glances. Encouraging vibes.

No matter what sort of crazy might be going on right now, roads will never discriminate. Wherever they take us, whoever we share them with, they will always make all of us feel welcome. We are all locals, united by the roads we ride.