This weeks local profile: Spin Room

“We train in so we can be better when we ride out.”

— The Spin Room

1. Who is the Spin Room?
We are Melbourne's first indoor Wattbike training studio. as it suggests we Train In to Ride Out- what you do indoors on the Wattbike will directly improve what you outside, whatever the surface.

2. When was it founded?
The Spin Room was founded back in 2007

3. How did the concept evolve?
We were the first specific indoor cycling studio to have Wattbikes, even before all the AFL clubs! The concept came from spin classes at gyms into a specific cycling focus by some passionate cyclists, utilising power and watts per kilogram training. We now incorporate this training into increasing ones rpm, strength, pedal technique and working efforts building FTP.

4. What inspires your customers / riders the most about Spin Room? Especially to attend those early morning sessions? 
It might be the espresso we have on offer for everyone that walks in... It's definitely the efficiency of training. Everyone is busy, we provide that decent ride/workout so when it comes to the weekend ride you can still chase down or leave your buddies behind. Lastly, its our community. Our riders notice when someone hasn't been in for awhile and there's always a lot of chat over that espresso.

5. As you offer classes that last for 45 minutes, do you feel that your riders benefit more than they would on a longer rider?
I love doing both. When time permits I'm gone. The sessions are completely complimentary but I know I'm going to get a solid block of riding in 45mins. As a general rule of thumb, what you do on the Wattbike; distance and effort is worth double if you were on the road. 


6. What levels of riders are your classes designed for?
Anyone. Because we use watts per kilogram and FTP, those numbers are completely individual to each person and every class will be challenging no matter what level cyclist you are. the best part with this is that it never gets easier.

7. What's your favourite Pedla garment and why? 
The favourite right now is the Base Layer/Undergarment. I just wear the base layer with Bib Knicks for all indoor sessions. Fit feels snug and it breathes so well during a very sweaty block above FTP.

8. What excites you about working with Pedla for your collaboration?
Much the same as The Spin Room, The Pedla are Melbourne born and based. This is important as we share the same values about our local cycling community, which is why most of us ride!