We are a cycling brand born of the sport’s rich culture riding the roads of Melbourne. We craft modern roadwear with equal consideration for performance & style. Everything we create is designed to inspire riders to get out there and keep pedalling. 

There are no miracles. No freak victories. No God given genetic favours you can call on. You are all together devouring pavement like a whirring hurricane, yet you are all alone. Only you. Containing pain in a poker faced grimace so that others can't profit from it. Clenching your teeth. Holding strong when reason tells you to let go. The endless monologue rattling through your brain, coaxing you through it, striking deals with your legs. In this most circular pursuit everything always comes back to the beginning. Infinite. Hour upon hour given to the marginal victories of improvement. A little bit better than last week. The mind always tries to complicate, but the road to success is so enduringly simple. Just keep pedalling.


I am a Pedla. I am a diehard cyclist. I take making your kit seriously. I take functional, high performance technical wear, and layer it with impeccable design so that it looks as good as it performs. I collaborate with the famous Italian company - www.mitispa.it - & Swiss company - www.schoeller-textiles.com - to develop our base cloth fabrics. I choose to use superior CYTECH ® - www.elasticinterface.com - Italian-made 3D endurance chamois – because I know how good it is to ride in. I use the latest generation of eco-friendly European sublimation print technology in all Pedla garments, because I think it’s important to achieve an exceptional level of detail in our print designs. I take making your kit seriously. I am a diehard cyclist. I am a Pedla. 


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