Local Loops Cycling Club | #LLCC

Local Loops Cycling Club | #LLCC

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In readiness for the launch of our 'Leaderboard Collection' we’re stoked to announce the creation of the Local Loops Cycling Club #LLCC. Yep, it’s Strava-based and local to wherever your favourite Local Loops. Join the club and be part of our new kit launch giveaway.
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: : : : The #LLCC is a Strava-based Cycling Club that’s local to wherever your Local Loops may be. It’s a community that welcomes like-minded cyclists from all around the globe — no matter what level their riding talents, no matter what their cycling goals, we are all here to encourage each other and achieve the same thing: just keep pedalling : : : : 
In Celebration of Local Loops

In Celebration of Local Loops

Where we ride isn't always glorious. Sometimes it's just about getting out there and getting it done.

Pro. Club Rider. New Embracer of the Sport. No matter who we are, or where we are, we all have our own wonderfully un-glorious Local Loops.
Our latest roadwear collection is designed in honour of them — designed to inspire us to get out there and keep pedalling — no matter where ‘there’ happens to be.