Meditation with Zoe Kanat

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Meditation with Zoe Kanat

At this time, we’re all adjusting. Our work, exercise and social lives look pretty different at the moment. We’ve reached out to our Pedla community - our ambassadors, retail partners, locals and friends - to see how they’re navigating the day-to-day right now. We wanted to check in, ask how they’re going, draw on their skills to help our community navigate this time, and see what internet gems have given them a laugh.  Let us know how you’re going, reach out and say hello. Because distance shouldn’t stop connection. Take care of each other. Community is everything.

To Our Pedla Community: With Zoe Kanat

Zoe Kanat is a meditation teacher, mindfulness educator, trained Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Zoe is passionate about sharing the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation in a direct and accessible way.

Instagram - @zoekanat

Facebook - zoe.kanat

Insight Timer - zoekanat