SuperFIT 2.0 Bib Shorts

Our crowd-favourite, now improved!

The long-awaited update to our crowd-favourite bib short. Unbelievable comfort just became more unbelievable. Introducing Pedla's SuperFIT 2.0, now riding.

Our Pedla team got an early look and this is what they are saying...

  • Audrey Cyclist Face - Product Tester

    Audrey Product Tester & Ambassador

    The bibs are the most comfortable to date! Breathable throughout any length of ride, after 5 hours in the saddle didn’t even notice them!

  • Jenny Cyclist Face - Product

    Jenny Pana Organic x Pedla Womens Racing Team

    The 2.0 ups the bib game with a refined brace system that lies flatter on the shoulder and is softer to touch, all whilst retaining the quality and comfort I loved from the original Superfit series.

  • Mal Cyclist Face - Product

    Mal Product Tester & Ambassador

    You'll want to stay out longer wearing these.

Unparalleled Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort with SuperFIT 2.0 Cycling Bib Shorts, Pedla’s most cherished bib shorts now upgraded, elevated by an advanced brace system for superior support and ventilation.
SuperFIT 2.0Cycling Bib Mens
SuperFIT 2.0bib shorts lightweight straps mens
SuperFIT 2.0bib shorts silicon injected non-stitch cuff
SuperFIT 2.0 cycling bib shorts on male with logo on leg
SuperFIT 2.0 EIT EXO X-Fifty antamic floating chamois
SuperFIT 2.0 Cycling Bib Women
SuperFIT 2.0 bib shorts lightweight straps womens
SuperFIT 2.0 bib shorts silicon injected non-stitch cuff
SuperFIT 2.0 cycling bib shorts on woman smiling
SuperFIT 2.0 EIT EXO X-Fifty antamic floating chamois
Minimal brace with PowerMESH 180GSM ventilated back
Highest quality, Italian fabric With reflective accents
Italian SuperGRIP, lazer cut cuff with imbedded gripper
Excellent wicking & breathability
Dense-knit fabric for superior coverage & high compression
Italian EIT Road Perfromance Crabonium Chamois
icons that show comfort, compression, aerodynamics, breathability and moisture wicking

Optimal Muscle Support

Constructed from the finest Italian fabric, this bib is meticulously engineered to provide optimal muscle support and stability. Its aerodynamic design seamlessly aligns with the rider’s movements, offering an unmatched riding experience.

Long Haul Specialist

Now featuring a minimal brace system and a PowerMESH 180GSM ventilated back mesh, is equipped with a chamois from Elastic Interface®, renowned for its exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. This bib short is an ideal choice for cyclists who seek enduring comfort and superior quality during their roaming adventures.


Polyamide 64% / Polyester 23% / Elastane 13%

SuperFit Cycling Bib Chamois Mens
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup mens
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup mens
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup mens
SuperFit Cycling Bib Chamois Women
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup womens
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup womens
SuperFIT Chamois Closeup women
Polyamide cube prevents chafing & irritations
Reduced contact points with skin
Excellent temperature control and breathability properties. The particular knit structure offers reduced points of contact with the skin, promoting micro air circulation which helps keep the skin from overheating, favouring comfort. Added bonus: All the fabrics we use for the surface of our pads are now totally Eco.
Channel structure canalizes & expels moisture
8 hours in saddle badge

Reflective Road Safe Accents

Featuring reflective logos for optimal visibility, this bib ensures your safety on both busy city streets and quiet country roads. Ride with confidence, knowing you’re more visible to others, day or night.