Local Profile: Talking Northside Local with Malachi Moxon - Northside Wheelers

Tell us a little bit about Northside Local.
Northside Local is a retail space / Pilates studio and gallery | Melbourne Bicycles 
How did your business evolve.
I wanted to create a community based retail space bringing products and services with like minded people together ... it's not a new idea rather a forgotten one in my view , bit like ya local milk bar when you was a kid full of all ya favourite lollies. So myself , Warren ( owner of Melbourne Bicycles ) and Carmen from Northside Pilates have joined forces to form a venue called Northside Local  ... the future is unwritten

What do you find stylist?
What I find stylish is individuality and somebody comfortable in their skin 

What do you think of the cycling community / culture in Melbourne?
I believe Melbourne has one of the strongest bike cultures around the world mix this with a very healthy arts and style scene and you can see why there are so many strong Melbourne cycling apparel brands leading the way globally...

Where do you ride to on the weekend?
What are your unearthed local favourites?
I have been riding / racing Bicycles for well over 50 years now and never loose that excitement nor adventure that a bike gives me ... so all roads are fun but I do have a current favourite loop which involves road , bike paths and gravel ( Pony Club , Eltham Loop ) 

What do you look for in your cycling apparel?
I have to first like the colour  of the garment we are all drawn by aesthetics then the fit which of course is super important on the bike and lastly something a little different 

Why do you wear Pedla?
I wear Pedla because I like what they do , I like their ethos and I want to support Melbourne brands and friends ... they have come along way since the early days but still have that very humble approach #localloops I love the fashion element the fabrics that are used and the cut of the garments and in my humble opinion they hold their own around the world in the cycling apparel arena