Pana Organic x Pedla | 2022

We’re proud to continue our partnership with Pana Organic for the second year and are excited to launch a fresh take on our beautiful Pana blue Pedla kit. Taking inspiration from the delicious Pana Organic Golden Comb bar we’re sure to stand out in the Peleton. After a fabulous first year collaboration that saw our riders’ train, race, podium and explore off the grid, our partnership with Pana Organic continues to grow as we confirm our team ethos, values and community focus are well aligned. Pedla and our riders are proud of this partnership and we look forward to another season riding together in 2022 and beyond.

Pana Organic Founder: Pana Barbounis

“We are super excited to partner with Pedla’s local racing team. This is the perfect partnership as riding is all about health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Whether you are riding for K’s or riding to your local shops, it is good for you and good for the planet. We will be there to support the team and keep them fuelled along the way with their favourite Pana Organic chocolate, spreads and frozen desserts.”fuelled along the way with their favourite Pana Organic chocolate, spreads and frozen desserts.”

Jenny Pettenon | Team Manager

Launching our new kit at this years 2022.

One of the teams favourite events of the cycling year was chosen as launch weekend. The Giro Della Donna is a two-day festival of road and gravel cycling based in the beautiful Yarra Valley. The team came together in Warburton ready to tackle the 55km Gravel Giro on the Saturday and mostly tarmac 125km Giro Della Donna on the Sunday. The cold, ‘damp’ and very muddy Gravel Giro was a highlight for the team and a convincing way to really christen the new kit. Whether seriously racing or simply immersing oneself in the experience the weekend is always high on good energy with so many happy and like-minded cyclists gathered in a breathtaking place. The weather was formidable but what better conditions to trial all the layers and high-tech garments created by Pedla.

Meet the team.

The team continues into 2022 with a group of riders focused on achieving both personal and team goals across a range of cycling disciplines. road - gravel - CX – mountain bike We pride ourselves on being one of the few local racing teams that supports a mix of abilities across a broad age range. As a team we’re looking to tackle a range of races, challenges and adventures in the year ahead. Like for so many the appeal of gravel continues to be a major pull and we are excited by the number of gravel races and challenges on the calendar. After a few years of interrupted and spasmodic racing opportunities we’re ready to embrace everything on offer from new gravel challenges like the inaugural Dirty Warnie, jumping back into the local Melbourne Crit scene or tackling the plethora of local Victorian Road and ITT races. As always, we remain enormously grateful to our generous sponsors who we’re proud to represent every time we venture out on the bike.

Images by James Mortimer. Words by Jenny Pettenon | Team Manager