The 'Sprint Kit'

: : : : In Celebration of the Australian Crits Season and Local Loops everywhere, @thepedla & @cyclingtips have teamed up to create a limited edition collab kit worthy of any road or podium. Born of photo-finishes and desperate throws to the line, we are giving away a complete ‘Sprint Kit’ each week of december-racing at Melbourne’s St Kilda Crits Series. Yep, that means jersey, bibs & socks.

Unofficially titled ‘de Presidente’ award, riders of ALL grades will be eligable — and the winner won’t necessarily be the racer who crosses the line first. The SKCC President will select the rider deemed ‘Most Combative’ to be awarded the weekly prize : : : :


SKCC | St Kilda Crit Series



IS the jersey and bib still available in Large

Bart Smit 5月 09, 2017

Is this kit still available for sale

Mary St Clair 4月 22, 2017

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