Local profile: Momentum Messenger

1. Tell us a little bit about MM.
We are a rider owned and operated courier company servicing the CBD and inner suburbs of Melbourne. 

2. How did your business evolve.

The courier industry can be pretty problematic in terms of labour standards. Both of us had been working in the industry for about 7 years each and saw a gap in the market for a company that provided a service that would mean both happier couriers and happier customers. We're about 18 months old at this point and continuing to grow our client base with an aim of working with like-minded small businesses.

3. How many kms are you likely to do on an average day?
We are likely to ride anywhere between 60-100km a day depending on how busy we are and how the work falls. 

4. How many parcels do you deliver in a day?
We average around 20-30 at this point with plenty of room to expand. 
5. How do you keep dry, warm or cold?
The key is layers and always being prepared. Melbourne can throw pretty much anything at you so it's important to come to work prepared even if it's sunny when you leave the house. A warmer layer or at least some arm warmers or something and a good waterproof/windproof jacket are essentials. 

6. Who is your favourite type of rider?
I'm really a fan of versatile riders who compete across multiple disciplines. Recently, Mathieu van der Poel who is mostly known as a cyclocross racer and has previously been world champion, has been shaking things up in the XC MTB World Cup. Although you can't talk about versatile riders and not mention Pauline Ferrand-Prevot who in 2015 held World Champion titles in road, cyclocross and mountain biking!

7. What do you wear to stay safe on the road?
I often prefer to ride in more casual clothing, especially at work but I'm a big fan of cycling clothing with subtle reflective accents to keep you safe while still looking slick. 

8. Why do you wear Pedla?
I'm always stoked to support another local business that is pushing the envelope in their industry. When that company is also combining high quality, good design and great functionality it's a no brainer.