Your colour, your time in the sun | LunaAIR Jerseys

Your colour, your time in the sun.

Core LunaAIR Jerseys | Now Riding

Longer days, warmer afternoons: we know it’s almost here.

Introducing our newest range of Core Jerseys and your summer riding essential. With a lightweight, refined fit, we’ve recrafted our high-performing LunaAIR jersey for the comfort and breathability you need in high summer conditions. 

Grab your favourite colour and get out and pedal beyond.

 Words by Katherine Brabon  |  Images by Oli Coulthard


Around the Bay in 2 days

- 6 Riders, 1 Van, 2 days

To showcase our latest core Jerseys, we took the Pedla team and our new LunaAIR Jerseys on the road | #pedalbeyond



 Location:  Flinders, VIC


Longer days, warmer afternoons: we know it’s almost here. As the shift towards summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re ready for it with our ultra lightweight, refined-fit Core Jerseys. Moisture-wicking, breathable, reliable. What’s your colour this summer?

Chasing summer colours and summer loops with our newest Core Jersey range.

 Location:  Flinders + Sorrento, VIC

 Location:  Sorrento to Queensecliff Ferry, VIC

The heat isn’t far away.

Be ready for it and new summer loops with our latest Core Jerseys: built to breath and get you through hot, tough rides.


 Location:  Bellarine, VIC

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Erin Ferguson, Saffron Button, Madelyn Collopy, Zac McPherson, Hamish Webber, Braeden Dean, Katherine Brabon

 Words by Katherine Brabon  |  Images by Oli Coulthard

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