lululemon x pedla | the rupert's kit

lululemon x pedla | the rupert's kit


Ditto to all previous comments: as a Vancouver cyclist, I would love to know where/how I can get one of these gorgeous kits!

Kristen P 2017年 10月 20日

Same as the other comments I must have & where do I get one? Thx ?

Simone Larsen 2017年 10月 20日

Love to buy one of these kits. How and where can they be purchased?

Warren Roles 2017年 10月 20日

Yes please… I want this kit! How can I buy one?

Kim 2017年 10月 20日

WHERE and HOW do I get one? :)

Louise 2017年 10月 20日

Are these going to be available in every Lululemon store?

Demetre 2017年 10月 20日

Hi these look great – can I order a set?

Matt Lawson 2017年 10月 20日


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