Linear Collection | a video celebrating the lines we ride.


In anticipation of our new Linear Collection, we took to the streets of Melbourne. 



With the team at Magnetizer, we scouted for the lines we knew were always there.

Because lines are everywhere. Where we grew up, where we live now; subtly guiding

the morning ride through the suburbs – there’s a bend here, stop, keep on straight

ahead. Lines also drive and inspire us: the finish line, the horizon line, the long road

 lines of the weekend ride.


We went east, to a nearby basketball court. Courts have every kind of line: straight lines,

curved lines, dotted lines. Uniting teams or dividing up the track. Our new garments are

celebration of the lines we ride and here was a perfect local spot to showcase what we’re



The velodrome, the epitome of the racing line: red line, blue line, hold the

line. The bike is something different for each of us. It might be the rush, the speed,

the adrenalin of a race. Or it might be the repetition of lap after lap of a solo training

session; just keep following that line.


We headed a few suburbs over, where the roads along the drains

stretch ahead while barriers tower upwards. The grey roads, the thin river; the place

gave us a feel for the everyday lines that weave throughout our suburbs. 

These are just a few of the Melbourne lines we captured. Lines are everywhere:

they’re everyday but essential. Our Linear Collection is now riding. Take a look; be

inspired to get out there and put it all on the line.



Video production by: Magnatizer

With the support of: Cannondale 

Images by: Melissa Cowan

Speciel Thanks to: Patrick Drapac, Cam Mcdonald, Brydie Clark,  Louis Raymond, Madeyn.C, Fraser Daniell, Kathrine Brabon, Carlos Furnari, Maria Gullace, Matt Barron