Off Grid 2023 | Embrace whatever nature gifts you. An off road cycling apparel collection

Here’s to the Off Grid moments. When the landscape changes, the trees thicken or the bare fields open up. When the phone reception drops out and you’re finally disconnected. You have a moment, and then another and another, when you forget the time, become attuned to your body and the weather. Wake up with the sun. The beauty of a quiet morning road, only the breeze and birds. Find your pace. On road, off screens. Off we go.

Woods Point

To capture our latest Off Grid collection, we departed Melbourne early in the morning. Location: Woods Point, on the banks of the Goulburn River, on Taungurung Country. This small town is a relic from the Gold Rush era, and now has a tiny population and a few historic buildings remaining.

Walhalla to Icy Creek

From Woods Point we ventured up to Walhalla, another town steeped in history, located in a green valley and known for its icy temperatures and mining-era ghost stories. There’s no phone reception down in the valley, and the roads can get dusty and muddy. It’s the perfect area for gravel riding, off-road and off-grid, and to finish off the day at the welcoming old local, the Wally Pub at Walhalla Lodge Hotel, before heading to Icy Creek to stay in a cabin for the night.

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Images by Tim Harris (@timyeahtim)