Pedalling Beyond with Malachi Moxon

Pedalling Beyond with Malachi Moxon

Video by: Riley Hart

Supported by: GIANT

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Known to many in the Melbourne cycling scene, Malachi Moxon has lived many lives–all with one common denominator, cycling. Whether it’s racing A-Grade crits in his 50s (and being competitive!), commuting on the Brompton or exploring the local trails, Malachi’s love for cycling is infectious. His connection with fashion, art, and design seamlessly intertwines with his cycling lifestyle, and we sat down with him to chat about his ‘why’.


A regular at Pedla's Local Loops Cycling Club (LLCC) in Collingwood, you’ll be sure to see Malachi rolling around the local streets–whether it’s on his Giant Team Rabobank roadie or his new Giant Revolt gravel bike.

You can feel old or knackered or worn out and then jump on the bike, and all of a sudden, my body just fits to a bike.


If it's not working for me, I'm just going to stop and I'll just go and do something else.

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