Local Loops Cycling Club Pedla Cycling apareal in store
Based in Collingwood, the LLCC is a collective space that engages our cycling community. Welcome to the club. It’s a community that welcomes like-minded cyclists from all around the globe — no matter what level your riding talents, no matter what your cycling goals, we are all here to encourage each other and achieve the same thing. Share your favourite #localloops

44 Sackville Street, Collingwood 3066 Melbourne, VIC

Local Loop Ride. Every Friday

Join us every Friday for the Melbourne Local Loop ride.

Rolling out at 6:30am. Back by 7:45am for coffee at Tarts Anon.

Bunch of Cyclists outside Local Loops Cycling Club Pedla Store
Tart from Tarts Anon at the Pedla store

Tarts Anon

Our vision is clear. Do one thing (make tarts) and do it well.

Tarts Anon is what happens when the world class, ex-head pastry chef of Dinner By Heston and guru of all things pastry makes some tarts for his neighbours during one of the world’s harshest COVID-19 lockdowns.

Coy Yiontis Architechs

Once the basic space was mapped into its zones-the balance of back of house, front of house, entry and café determined- each area became a discreet design exercise within an overarching design theme. That core theme was simplicity and flexibility. To this end almost the entire fit-out is moveable, either on wheels or propped from the continuous steel wall armature or simply freestanding. The studio office area behind the translucent screen with its massive pinboard and bespoke furniture had to accommodate stockroom, design studio and administrative office within a compact open plan arrangement. Front of house had to function as showroom and meeting space for the wholesale business, retail store and café to the public, spin gym and clubhouse for the cycling groups associated with the company, and all within a unified space. The aesthetic, in part inspired by the existing industrial building in part the craft/tech of cycling, evolved via some early practical choices of materials. For example, the LVL timber used for the translucent partition, with it’s stratified edge lead to the use of the edge grain ply on all the joinery. The industrial steel framed entry takes its cue from the existing steel windows and roof trusses as do the shop fittings, vitrines and desks. The palette and forms were intentionally simple but detailed and crafted. This allows the Pedla product, colourful and graphic, to jump to the foreground. All the elements are brought into focus by simply blacking out the ceiling, as in a theatre.
Shot of the Pedla store design by Coy Yiontis Architechs

“In terms of experiencing architecture in its setting - cycling, like walking, allows you to ‘read’ your built environment at a pace that renders it understandable, you absorb it at a comfortable speed, you see the detail, notice the unnoticed, something that isn’t really possible when you’re driving. “

- George Yiontis

Global Loops. Join us on Strava.

The LLCC is a strava-based cycling club that’s local to wherever your Local Loops may be. Join the club here:
Group of cyclists from Local Loops Cycling Club

Local is not defined by a post code.

We don’t have to live on a particular street, ride on a particular road to be treated like we belong.

Local is a mindset. A shared mentality. Beliefs.

It’s shared experiences. The good. The bad.

It’s knowing looks. Acknowledging glances. Encouraging vibes.

No matter what sort of crazy might be going on right now, roads will never discriminate.

Wherever they take us, whoever we share them with, they will always make all of us feel welcome.

We are all locals, united by the roads we ride.