These Terms and Conditions relate to a Rider’s participation in a Social Ride run by Pedla. By registering to participate in the Social Ride, you (the “Rider”) accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 

  1. The Rider understands that participation in a Social Ride will involve riding outdoors, on public roads and paths used by other road users and acknowledges there are dangers in riding a bicycle and the associated risks with such activity. 

  1. The Rider agrees that they have sufficient competence, skill, fitness and experience to participate in the Social Ride. 

  1. The Rider agrees to comply with all road rules and instructions given by Pedla Ride Leaders. 

  1. The Rider must be over 18 years of age on the day of the Social Ride, or attend in the company of a parent or legal guardian. 

  1. The Rider must wear an approved helmet, have a well-maintained bike with working brakes and suitable tyre pressure for the conditions and be able to complete basic repairs. 

  1. The Rider must carry two water bidons, front and rear lights and their own tool kit. 

  1. The Rider understands that Pedla does not provide on-road support during a Social Ride and is not responsible for mechanical repairs, medical assistance or other services. 

  1. The Rider agrees to hold their own insurance that includes personal injury and personal liability coverage 

  1. Pedla reserves the right to cancel or modify a Social Ride at any time. 

  1. Pedla may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse a Rider’s participation in a Social Ride. 

  1. In consideration of Pedla permitting the Rider to participate in the Social Ride, the Rider hereby releases and indemnifies Pedla any of its respective representatives from and against all and any claims, law suits, demands, liabilities, loss and damage (including indirect and consequential loss), costs, expenses and, interest, whether pursuant to common law or statute, that the Rider may suffer or incur arising from or connected with the Rider’s participation in the social ride including as a result of Valid as at 28/10/2021 until 28/10/2022 the negligence, breach of duty, breach of care or other fault or responsibility of Pedla, the sponsors of the Event and any of their respective representatives. 

  1. Collects, uses, discloses and otherwise handles the Rider’s personal information in accordance with the terms of its Privacy Policy Statement (see for full details). All information remains the property of Pedla.