Project Flock Is Lighting Up Rider Safety

Come join us in our Collingwood LLCC to help launch the Project Flock light into the world!

Project Flock Launch Night

When: 6pm, Thursday 16 May

Where: 44 Sackville Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Free Tickets:

Free Tickets

Who are Project Flock?

Founded by husband and wife team Tim Ottaway and Marie Penny, Project Flock
began as a mission to enhance the safety of vulnerable road users. From it’s early
conception as a university project to the successful launch of The Flock Light, their journey is one of passion, innovation, and a commitment to safety. Project Flock
continues to work towards a future where road users “flock together” to ensure
everyone gets home safely.

What is the Project Flock light?

Invented by Tim while completing his Industrial Design degree at RMIT, The Flock Light sets itself apart by lighting up your legs at night while you ride, making you more visible. This innovation allows cyclists to be seen up to 5.5 times sooner than with standard lights, making cyclists recognisable as humans, not just flashing points.

"Fundamentally changing how cyclists are perceived in traffic"

“Research has shown that enhancing the visibility of a cyclist’s biomotion significantly increases their conspicuity,” says Ottaway. “By highlighting human movement, we engage the brain’s innate ability to recognise and react to human activity, fundamentally changing how cyclists are perceived in traffic.”

Marie Penny, co-founder at Project Flock, emphasises the broader mission of the
company: “We consider ourselves not just as a bicycle lighting company but a human lighting company. Our aim is to foster a harmonious relationship between all road users, reducing injuries and saving lives.”