Time Capsule | A nod to the time we make for the sport we love

Time Capsule | Now Riding

A nod to the time we make for the sport we love.


For the cyclist, time is made and measured. The early morning alarm for the pre-work local loop, the weekend stint when time feels endless, the acute stopwatch time of the velodrome and road racers.

Words by Katherine Brabon

24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. We’re all given the same amount of time. 

Time is circular, linear, chaotic, repetitive. We can measure time: we decide when it starts and ends. 

But it goes by defined rules. Sometimes we can control it, sometimes not.

Chasing an improved time? Or just finding a moment in your day? 

Sometimes we are racing the clock, sometimes we are carving out a precious hour for the ride. 

How do you use your time?

The time you make. Sometimes you don’t have it, sometimes you find it. 

You’re short on time, you have to make the time. Make routines. The alarm: when do you start your day? 

The pre-dawn beeps tell you: now’s the time. Time to get ready. Kit, shoes, helmet. 

You pedal through the sunrise. Wake up the legs as the world wakes too. 

The after-ride café stop: who doesn’t love coffee time? 

For the conscious of time, it’s a thing planned: maybe the end-of-day ride, beating the sunset home.

Images by: Oli Coulthard

Real time 

Time can be liberating. It can be savoured. 

Sometimes it’s about giving yourself the time to ride long and ride far. 

To reach beyond the local loops. It’s a sweet feeling to know you have the whole day to yourself or with the group, without time constraints. 

Day or weekend-long rides epitomise the luxury of having time. 

It’s about taking the time to stop our regular days. 

The downtime, too: after the ride, the cafes and pubs, the hot shower. 

Feel the full cycle of time – the liberation of setting out for the day, the midday struggle and afternoon energy drop, the end of day satisfaction of time well spent.

Images by: Oli Coulthard

Competitive time   

In competition, time does its own thing. The ticking clock: the race against time. 

It’s something aimed for, it motivates and taunts. There’s the individual time trial, where the cyclist races only themself against the clock, across flat or undulating roads, or scaling a mountain road. 

Contre la montre in French – “against the watch”. The allure of attaining a new time. 

There’s the personal best, racing against only yourself. 

And there’s the race, the classic chase, everyone together and apart racing those ticking seconds. 

The competitor lives by time day to day – the routine of training is about not letting time get away from you.

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Images by Oli Coulthard

Louis Raymond, Erin Ferguson, Madelyn Collopy, Nick Canterbury, Jai Kanat, Fraser Daniell, Katherine Brabon