This weeks local profile: Phoenix Racing

“On those magical days where it all comes together and you get a result provides a great rush – particularly if it’s been a team effort or there’s a story to tell.”

— Phoenix Racing

1. How many riders are there in your group??
We currently have 12 riders in the team but that number can vary a little bit. We have had as many as 18 at some stages but are trying to keep a lid on numbers so we can keep the feeling a of being a team rather than a big club or group….. Smaller numbers also make a bit less work for the team DS!

2. How often do you ride together?

That really varies depending on people's work and family commitments. We don’t have any set group rides but will tack on to bigger bunch rides in smaller groups. It’s always good when we can get the whole team together but trying to organise everyone to be in one place at one time is like trying to herd cats.

3. How far do you ride?
It might be the espresso we have on offer for everyone that walks in... It's definitely the efficiency of training. Everyone is busy, we provide that decent ride/workout so when it comes to the weekend ride you can still chase down or leave your buddies behind. Lastly, its our community. Our riders notice when someone hasn't been in for awhile and there's always a lot of chat over that espresso.

4. How many stops?
If we are riding as a group, egos get in the way and generally none. If you’re riding with Matthew Newton there’s always a couple while you wait for him to catch up.


5. Does the group set milestones?

Setting milestones or goal events is a big part of being in the team.

Being a group made up of husbands, dads and full time workers, it’s impossible for everyone to be out racing 12 months a year and all of the guys will go through peaks and troughs of form and fitness.

Having a couple of key events throughout the year to work towards with some team mates, helps everyone keep on track – the last thing you want to do is get beaten by one of the boys.

Melbourne to Warrnambool was one of the best days we’ve had as a team with 5 racing, 5 finishing and a great effort from the rest of the boys as support crew to help out on the day. That’s essential the whole ethos of the team’s existence.



6. What are your emotions at the end of a race / ride?

That’s like asking how long is a piece of string – it really depends!

We have a long history of turning up to races well under-prepared with lofty ambitions. Getting dislodged from the group early and riding ¾ of each race on your tends to dampen your post race feelings and emotions.

On those magical days where it all comes together and you get a result provides a great rush – particularly if it’s a been a team effort or there’s a story to tell.

7. Why do you wear pedla?

We took a bit of a chance on Pedla a couple of years ago, moving across from a more ‘established’ and International brand in Castelli as we liked the idea of working with a locally based brand and thought Pedla encapsulated the perfect blend of racing and style.

We wanted a kit that had plenty of character and style whilst not looking out of place in a racing peloton and felt Pedla could nail this brief.

Having guys who are involved in the local cycling scene is great and the amount of Pedla Logos out on the road now compared to 4 years ago shows how far the brand has come!




I’ve been cycling since 86, in my experience with Castelli clothing, small jersey, large bibs. I’ve worn small jerseys, large bibs in Assos, Castelli, Pactimo, Bontrager, Santini, Capo.

I have 4 Pedla kits, wearing a medium in Pedla’s Aero, Pedla’s Luna AIR hot weather jersey, navy, stretches ordered a small the medium was big on me.

The bibs I go up a size for Pedla’s SuperFit new high end bibs, not kidding run small fits tight. The LongHaul bibs run sorta true to size, stretchy material sags a bit. My ass prefers the Assos shammy over the Pedla’s shammy. I’m wearing large in Pedla’s bib shorts.

The jackets and gilets wearing small, and don’t forget to order the socks to match.

I live in Austin orders take 2-3 weeks before I get them. I like looking different then everyone else in the peloton. I couldn’t be happier with Pedla’s clothing.

In 30 plus years of cycling I’ve received more positive comments on my Pedla kits then all my other kits combined.


John Copeland 2017年 7月 01日

I sure would like to know how your sizing compares to Castelli. There is no where in the U.S. I can find your products.

Bill Skillern 2017年 6月 30日


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