Local profile: Dirty Deeds CX


"It's like pub footy but with bikes" is a fair way to describe Dirty Deeds Cyclocross. Held at the "spiritual home of CX in Australia," Harrison St Velodrome in East Brunswick it's a bike race and a party all in one. Witty heckles, costumes, hand ups (Google it) and battling for 23rd in C grade are almost as important as winning. Come on down Sunday July 9, racing starts at 11:30.

image Paul Spurling

1. Who is Dirty Deeds?
A ragtag assortment of racers, enthusiasts and hecklers who decided that CX seemed like a great way to corrupt the minds of local bike racers. The next step was to combine their powers for the good of the community.

2. When was Dirty Deeds founded?

May 2010 after a jungle-cross race in Warburton in the back of a car between some punk kids who should have known better.

3. How did the concept evolve?
I'm not sure that evolution is a accurate description of it's path to today... What do bacteria do? Spawn? Or diseases? Spread? I'd say it's growth as been viral, and racing more is the only cure!

4. Do you remember the first DDCX race?
Surprisingly yes... though specific details of it is a blur. We expected about 20 people and something like 60-70 showed up. People had a lot of fun, the winner of Men's A had fake tattoo arm warmers. We were immediately asked when the next one was!

5. Do you have any rituals a day before race day?
Try not to freak out, mark the course, hurriedly text and message the other organiser team members about last minute changes, answer emails and social media questions about whether their great uncle billy can enter riding his pedal powered tractor, (because he is only in town for a day and he's a really nice guy). At some point I am usually reminded that I've barely ridden a bike in the past week and I'm signed up to race, and I should probably pack a bag for that too.

6. Are there any cycling race tactics that you can share?
Remember to breathe at the start, smooth is fast, commit to the rut, you always have one more sprint or heckle in you... Beer tastes better when you've earn't it.

image Paul Spurling

What levels of riders are your races designed for?
ALL OF THEM! We aim to create courses that can be ridden and more importantly enjoyed by every one from Under 15s to Elite racers. They should make the rider think at least once per lap about the 'best option' for a section.They should encourage good heckling both for viewing and opportunities.

8. Whats your favourite Pedla garment and why?
This is really easy... The ChillBlock LS Fleece jacket. Whether worn during warmup or as a start jacket it's such a good piece of kit for CX races. Warm, well fitted, breathes great when you are sweating bullets at the startline, 2-way zips so you can check your numbers/gels and looks great.

8. What excites you about working with Pedla?
The combination of quality materials and a great sense of design make them a great partner. We are constantly impressed with the thought that goes into their products both visually and technically. Their support of the local cycling community is superb as well.