Introducing the 2020 Subaru-Giant Racing Team

Introducing the 2020 Subaru-Giant Racing Team

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Words by Nick Locandro

Images by Rod Pedals


Pedla: Who is Subaru-Giant Racing?

NL: Subaru-Giant Racing team is National Road Series cycling team with a unique point of difference. Not only do we aspire to developing our athletes to become the best riders they can be, but we also believe in creating well rounded individuals who will be successful off the bike, engaging with people of all walks of life with a focus of giving back to the community. We believe in providing the above for both men and  women and we are proud of the team culture and environment we are fostering. 

Pedla: What can people expect from the team?

NL: You can expect a team that gives it their all on the bike, a team that enjoys being together and a team that genuinely cares about community matters and the impact it has off the bike. We think we have taken a big step forward over the last year, its important to us that we continue to trend in that direction but for us that is measured in multiple ways and not just results. We love that we can connect with people from all walks of life, all cycling disciplines and abilities and excited to get to share our journey with them!

Pedla: You’ve got a Women’s team this year! What opportunities can you see developing for Women's racing at the moment?

NL: While racing in the NRS over the past previous years, I had always taken an interest in the womens racing. I have a close friendship with Shannon Malseed who now rides for Tibco Silicon Valley Bank, previously Holden Racing Team in the NRS and we often discussed her pathway and the challenges women can face progressing from the NRS to higher levels and that is was quite limited compared to the men in Australia given there are continental teams like Bridgelane and Olivers and teams like Inform providing racing overseas. Shannon had also expressed her interest in helping to close this gap and mentoring women to reach the highest level they can. When I took over Subaru-Giant Racing team I saw it as an opportunity to help progress women’s racing in Australia, provide more opportunity for individuals to race at the elite level and also over time help create a clear pathway to higher levels through Shannons affiliation with Tibco and mine with Rally United Heath Care. I also met Minda Murray in America last year who rides for Butcherbox and leveraging that as an opportunity to make international travel and racing experience more accessible. Both Shannon and Minda have been instrumental in making the Subaru-Giant team a reality. We wanted to provide both men and women the same kit, equipment, racing and support to achieve their goals so we are incredibly excited to have one big team and fortunate to have the support of our sponsors in order to make it feasible.     


Pedla: What are some of your favourite training/local loops?

NL: I am really blessed for choice here in Ballarat, you can ride 10 minutes and be out on quite country roads without any traffic. We also have great terrain for multiple disciplines with some great MTB single-trail and Gravel roads which gives great diversity. My favourite loop is what our group calls the ‘Greendale Loop’- We don’t do it often purely because of how tough it is, 160km and 2,500m of climbing ( Which is a lot for around here). It is usually reserved for November/December coming into Nationals and there is a group of local NRS riders that chop off pretty hard and its an unrelenting loop!

Pedla: Which sponsors do you have on board this year?

NL: In previous years we have ran off a pretty minimal budget and relied on the same sponsors since the teams inception 10 years ago. The team was founded to give young up and coming riders on the South Coast an opportunity to ride at the highest level and Sponsors like Tim Scarborough from AnchorPoint have been instrumental in getting the team to where it is now. We have been super fortunate this year to have Foundation Technology on board, who jumped at the opportunity to support a NRS team who had both a mens and women team and was committed to providing equal opportunity. Ballarat City Subaru have been fantastic in providing not just one car for the team, but with the womens team starting not hesitating to support further and adding another car for the team. Giant have been incredible, providing Bikes and Helmets other amazing equipment sponsors like SRAM and Bikesport. RACV Resort Creswick, Saint Clouds, N2SH, Digga, BJM design, Premax, Todays plan the list goes on! A lot of sponsors but that’s what it takes to run a cycling team and provide 20 riders the opportunity to ride at the elite level.


Pedla: What's your favourite Pedla product?

NL: Hands down the AquaSHIELD is the teams favourite product! It’s such a versatile short sleeve jacket that can be worn in multiple scenarios and conditions. It’s waterproof so its automatically our go to for any wet races like the Tour of Great South in August and its such a great fit you are never worried about any extra drag. Our riders often pair it over the ChillBLOCK jacket on cold winter training rides for extra warmth but also wear it with just an under garment in muggy but wet conditions. Its an essential for any cyclist and our team couldn’t recommend it anymore!

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