Pana Organic X Pedla | Local Racing Team

Pana Organic x Pedla | Local Racing Team

We’re excited to announce this season’s local racing team and new major sponsor, Pana Organic. Pedla are proud of this partnership and look forward to a season of riding. We are united by the roads we ride and a shared appreciation for the sport we love. 

Pana Organic

We believe the best kind of indulgence comes from combining high quality, healthy and sustainable ingredients.

Pana Organic Founder: Pana Barbounis

"We are super excited to partner with Pedla’s local racing team. This is the perfect partnership as riding is all about health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Whether you are riding for K’s or riding to your local shops, it is good for you and good for the planet. We will be there to support the team and keep them fuelled along the way with their favourite Pana Organic chocolate, spreads and frozen desserts." 

Made in Australia since 2012

Our founders are involved in every product we create.

Love Your Insides

With the highest quality vegan, organic ingredients.

Love The Earth

With our give-back plan, planting 50,000+ trees and counting.

The Team

The team is comprised of a mix of riders. Riders who love the sport and understand inclusion, encouragement and development as well as striving for personal goals. Competing as a team, proudly and humbly understanding their role as a public representatives for their sponsorship companies.


Women's Team


Follow our riders

Jenny Pettenon | @jenpettenon  

Erin Bertram | @_erin_bertram_ 

Marie-Louise Fitzgerald | @m_l.fy

Erin Ferguson | @ekfer

Alana Forster | @doc_alana_forster

Bizzy Butterworth 


Men's Team


Follow our riders

Jack Aitken | @jack_aitken_ 

James Mortimer | @jamesrmortimer

Bryce Holloway | @bryceholloway

Brenden Halleur | @brenden.k.h 

Nick Canterbury

Patrick Gordon | @flash_222

Jenny Pettenon | Team Manager

Jenny first joined the Pedla family when she travelled with the team to the Taiwan KOM Challenge last year.  Stepping in to the Team Manager role earlier this year, Jenny is keen to foster a supportive team culture where each individual can strive for their own goals both within the team environment and beyond.  The team assembled comprises a mix of diverse but passionate riders who all love the sport and the experiences, connections and challenges it brings. As a team we’re looking forward to racing, reconnecting with community beyond Zwift and representing the sponsors we’re proud to be aligned with.

Giant + Liv | Bike partner

Giants purpose is clear: to unleash each rider’s full potential. Whatever your goals might be—winning a race, riding a technical trail, tackling a long weekend tour or racing, or embarking on a new adventure—it’s exhilarating to follow that journey. And it’s not just about the achievement. It’s the pursuit. It’s the rush you feel from getting out there and doing it. And it’s the feeling of being unconstrained. Giant have created a whole universe around this idea with their products, their stores and the community are all there to support.

As cyclists we exist in a community

As cyclists we exist in a community. Groups large and small. There’s the local teams, road races and crits. But also the group – cyclists, friends, locals – who roll out for a morning training ride. Our new kit has grown from these traditions. It’s about celebrating relationships that were always there. We’re also passionate about making our community a welcoming, social and inclusive space, encouraging all  riders to join us on the road.