Remember when you first learnt to ride a bike?

That feeling of pedalling without training wheels for the first time in your life.

Remember the thrill.

The excitement.

The uncontrollable widening of your mouth… Your eyes… Your mind.

The realisation.

The uncertainty.

The terror.

Time standing both silent and still.

A single moment… Long forgotten… Yet never forgotten.

The spark of a never-ending love affair… Between you and your bike.

That’s Beyondism.

That’s why we ride.

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We're encouraging you to share your own #BEYONDISM story with your friends and family.

We want to know your story of learning to ride a bike, and what it means to you now.

Pedla Cyclist Focused
Pedla Cyclist Riding in Australia

About Pedla

Born on and of the roads of Melbourne, Australia since 2013. We are a progressive cycling brand that champions innovation on and off the bike through world class product solutions engineered to go beyond.

A place where performance functionality and a refined aesthetic constantly push each other with forward momentum.

We exist for our global community of cyclists who choose to ride with us. A privilege we never take for granted. They are what drives us to tinker and tweak until something is just right.

We do this to elevate their riding experience, no matter their riding experience.

To celebrate what we believe is the world’s greatest sport and past time. The pursuit of an elevated body and mind state that we want everybody to experience and fall in love with.

This is us.

This is who we are and why we ride.