Choose Cycling 

#choosecycling is a movement created by our friends at Rapha to bring the world together through bikes and the road. If you’re out riding, take a snap of yourself and lend your support by posting your image with the #choosecycling hashtag. And help us remind the world that cycling really is an amazing way to bring us all together, even during times when we’re riding alone.


I #choosecycling to maintain the luxury of wellness, witness the beauty of nature and the calming freedom


I #choosecycling because it sets me free.


I #choosecycling to get away from the strain of day-to-day life.


I #choosecycling because of the friends I’ve made, memories I’ve laid, places I’ve been and the sights I’ve seen..


I #ChooseCycling because it doesn’t matter where I am...I’m at home when I’m on my bike


I #choosecycling because it makes me feel alive like nothing else. When you are on the bike, you forget all your worries and problems; the only things that matter are you and your bike.


I #choosecycling for the challenge and happiness that it brings.


I #choosecycling because it allows me the freedom to choose my own path in life, challenges me to be the best version of myself, and rewards me with the best friends, memories and roads this beautiful world has to offer.


I #choosecycling to challenge myself and keep happy and healthy


When I was 22 I chose cycling because I wanted to get to work faster than driving. I now #choosecycling because it helps me escape the stresses of adult life.


I #choosecycling to escape the city and to push myself physically and mentally.


I #choosecycling to explore new cities and connect across cultures


I #choosecycling because riding and the community enhance my quality of life.


I #choosecycling for the friends, the freedom and the challenge.


I #choosecycling because it can be both challenging and rewarding


The bike was something that I came to late, it was something that was a bandaid originally but transformed into part of who I am. It’s taken me overseas, it’s tested me mentally and physically, but the one thing that I’m forever grateful for is the people I have met because of it. That is why I #choosecycling


I #chosecycling when I realised it pushed my endurance beyond what I thought was capable. Distance. Time. Effort. These figures became transient as I realized the only limit was what I put in.


I #choosecycling because when I am on the road my mind can wander too.

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