R I S E o f t h e U N S U N G P E D L A

A  F I L M  b y  P E D L A 


R I S E o f t h e U N S U N G P E D L A from The Pedla on Vimeo.


Here’s to the bad days.

The days our head and legs just aren’t in the game.

The days we didn’t sleep well.

The days we’ve still got a bit of a cold.

The days we struggle to hold a wheel.

The days that hills feel like mountains.

The days the elastic band goes: 


The days we’re HUMBLED by the road.

The days our legs just won’t. shut. up.

The days that feel like anything but a ‘gift’.

The days we just want the suffering to stop.

The days our pride is tested.

The days we’d rather just pedal back to bed.

Yes, here’s to all those days.

Because today is NOT one of those days.

Today is the day the Unsung Pedla will rise.