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The photo finish. Hours of racing, boiled down to one desperate throw for the line. Millimetres determining whether your name will be etched into cycling history, or if it will be forgotten with the rest of the bunch
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: : : : Nailing that sprint finish requires the perfect combination of timing, good legs, good luck, and, perhaps most importantly, courage. It takes balls of steel to be a sprinter -- to jostle for position, to hold your line at 60km/h+, and to pick a gap between your rivals as you dash for the line : : : :
: : : : And the beauty of bike racing is that the strongest person doesn’t always win. There are so many subtle tactics that can be employed to create opportunities and neutralise threats. It all adds to the theatre of our sport and is what drives us to give racing a crack, week in, week out : : : :
: : : : In a nod to these and other last-ditch throws to the line, The Sprint Kit  was inspired by the linear pattern seen in side-on finish line photos. While cycling is the most beautiful sport on earth, it’s often these rudimentary photos that are the most telling : : : :