How's your MOOD? Behind Adelaide's (probably) Most Wholesome Cycling Team

Words by Tim Tuppence (@t.tup)
Images by James Raison (@rideadelaide)

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How did MOOD.CX begin?

MOOD began around the pool table at our local pub where we would meet up after cyclocross races and chat about the day over hot chips.

What's the team up to today?

While cyclocross holds a special place in our hearts we’re also out exploring gravel back roads, racing on the road (plus off it) and cutting laps around the track. We’re normalising racing and making it fun for everyone that wants to give it a go with us. When we’re not racing we are leading open invite social rides along laneways, around parks, down valleys and up hills for the best sunset in Adelaide.

Do you have a team philosophy?

"How's Your MOOD?"

MOOD is an expression of how we feel about cycling, racing and the community. How it puts a smile on our face on cold, wet, dirty days. We are inspired by the power of cycling and the benefits it brings to our wellbeing and lives. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

We seek to grow in our ability to overcome adversity through riding and racing together.

MOOD is equal parts racing team, social club and an endeavour to bring benefits to others, encouraging them to take an adventure, go racing, eat hot chips and have fun in the process 💖

All bikes, surfaces, people, moods!

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2022 Kit

We love our Pedla kit. Designed by us when MOOD began in 2020, we still think it looks fresh amongst the trees and mud as it does in the mix of the peloton. But there's only so much laundry detergent and stain remover in the world. So it’s time for some new threads!

Our original kit was an ode to lines. This time we are drawing inspiration from the tread on our tyres that keep us connected to the ground below and the colours in the sky above. And having good dirty fun in between - this kit comes pre-speckled! All the shapes on the kit are from the emblem on the right sleeve which if you look closely has a little happy face in it. And a not so happy face too. Because we’re here for all your moods, whatever they might be 💜


Kit design by Tim Tuppence (@t.tup) and Pedla Custom (


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