Local profile: Five:03 Gear


1. Tell us a little bit about Five03 Gear.

Our mission at Five:03 Gear is to bring together the best in performance and design cycling gear from brands around the globe. We’re 100% online so the focus for us is to offer the best prices around with fast shipping and amazing customer service. 
The name came about because Five:03 is the time of the morning that only those with a true dedication to their sport are getting up. Only those with a passion and love for what they do fully understand the significance of Five:03.]

Image @cyclebro

2. How did your business evolve?

Five:03 was born from a frustration of not being able to easily access a range of high quality kits in one location. We wanted to take a different approach to retailing cycling apparel and break down the silos between brands. 

3. What do you find stylish?

To me, a lot of style is from when something just fits right. This is especially important in women’s kit which needs to be cut differently to mens. There’s also nothing worse then a loose fitting pair of bibs!
Like they say a great pair of blue jeans is worth investing in, I believe is the same for navy bibs. The Pedla women’s Long Haul G1 navy bibs are a staple of my wardrobe. Not only do the fit amazingly well but the classic colour will match just about any jersey. 

4. What do you think of the cycling community / culture in Brisbane?

I love the fact that there’s only 3 degrees of separation when riding in Brisbane. No matter where you go, you’re bound to have ridden with someone’s mate at one time or another. It means that there’s a lot of support in the community, both in the local racing scene but also amongst new cyclist just taking up riding. 

5. Where do you ride to on the weekend?

I love the variety within reach of the city, whether it’s out to the bay, or one of the mountains – with Mt Mee being one of my favs. When possible we also love getting out a bit further through Tamborine, O’Rileys or MBRITW - find it on Strava – Most Beautiful Ride in The World. It’s the perfect combination of quality mountain climbing, awesome descending and long stretches of country backroads. 

6. What are your unearthed local favourites?

Seven South is a fav for creative food options, Pitch & Fork for their healthy bowls, and Rouge (The Roastery) has super good coffee at a nice central spot for everyone. Really, the breakfast culture in Brisbane is booming and we’re spoilt for choice.

Image @cyclebro

7. What do you look for in your cycling apparel?

Quality and style are equally important in a kit. You can make a kit that looks nice, but if I’m constantly having to adjust leg bands or chamois positioning then it’s not on. That being said, cycling becomes an extension of who you are and an opportunity to express yourself. So your kit should be an extension of that. I’m also interested in the technology that’s starting to come through. It’s been amazing to see just how much technology and innovation is happening in cycling apparel.

8. Why do you wear Pedla?
The designs are what first caught our attention and once we took the kit for a spin we were hooked. The best part is the range is so versatile to mix and match jerseys, bibs and jackets you’re never locked in to just one kit look.