Local Profile: The Service Course


Here at Pedla, we believe that no matter what type of rider you are, we’re all in it together. What advice or tips do you have for semi-pro or seasoned veterans in regards to improving their cycling?
Get cool socks! Haha, in all seriousness a big one is not to over train. A lot of riders (professional and weekend warriors) can over due it. Listen to your body. Push yourself a bit but don't over due it. Overtraining can be your worst enemy.

Can you please tell us a little more about your Pro Service offering?
We opened the Service Course when we noticed the gap in the market. There was no one offering the level and quality of cycling service that I would seek out if going for vacation somewhere new, with my bike (or without). So we opened a spot that would take care of every detail. The concept is that you arrive and you leave the rest to us! From picking you up from the airport, unpacking your bike, taking you in a guided ride around Catalonia, sports massage afterwards, bike cleaning, laundry service, accommodation... we wanted to be a one stop shop to help you have the smoothest bike vacation possible.

We love TSC, especially the concept of offering Guided Rides. Can you please elaborate on where this idea originated from?
Coming to a new place, the hardest thing is just learning how to get out of town! We offer Half Day and Full Day guided rides. Sometimes your guide will be a current pro rider, sometimes it will be with myself and sometimes it will be a local guide who can show you roads you would never had imagined you would be so lucky to ride on.

Do you host any of the tours yourself?
Most of them! At the end of the day cycling was my life for over a decade. It will always be a part of who I am, so the fact that I can still keep that part of me and bring that joy to other people, is amazing.

If so, how far in advance do people need to book in order to lock in a guided ride with you?
We get bookings a year in advance to the morning of the guide! Hahaha! If I'm free, I will take you out! I am based in Girona and if not traveling, I am always the one to put my hand up for a guided ride.

We love that you and your wife Amber have teamed up to create a space that welcomes riders of all levels. What does the sport of cycling teach us about ‘teamwork’?
The great thing about cycling is it's so inclusive. You can ride at the pro level or as a new comer and everyone gets to enjoy the same roads. Granted some are harder than others but if you go with a group, I love seeing the faces of people seeing some of Girona's roads for the first time. I will always wait and even push them up a climb if need be. Once you leave on a ride with a group, they become part of your team for the day.

Following your posts on Instagram, we noticed that you recently visited the Speedvagen Headquarters in Portland. We would love to learn more about your new partnership with Speedvagen bikes, can you kindly share with us?
Yes. My retirement gift from my wife was a Speedvagen. A bike I had my eye in for years. I love the way they work. Not just the actual bike but the business and mantra of what they stand for. We have partnered and we now have a beautiful fleet of Speedvagen bikes in our shop. It's a win win as they get to showcase their bikes here in Girona and we get to proudly provide some of the most beautiful bikes in the world!

Pedla recently created a kit for TSC. Being a pro-rider, you have worked with many cycling apparel brands. Why did you choose to work with Pedla on this project?
Quality. Relationship. Professionalism. Three things that we run through EVERY time we decide to work with a brand. All boxes are ticked with Pedla.



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