N2SH x Pedla

N2SH x Pedla 

local cycling team born on the streets of Melbourne.

We’re excited to announce this season’s local cycling team and new major sponsor, N2SH. Pedla are proud of this partnership and look forward to a successful season. N2SH are a Melbourne-based health planning & design practice led by Nic Hughan.

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We are a local cycling team born of the sport’s rich culture riding the roads of Melbourne.


N2SH Story

N2SH was founded by Nic Hughan in 2013, following almost a decade of travelling the world, delivering specialist design services throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

N2SH specialises in the design, delivery and procurement of specialist facilities and services in the healthcare, aged care and wellness sectors. More recently, our works have been focussed on allied, wellness and rehabilitation services, including disability services, as well as drug, alcohol and mental health services - both in Australia and abroad. The particular and sensitive nature of these areas in healthcare and wellness resonate significantly with Nic and his staff, who have each been touched in some way by these issues.

Himself diagnosed with ADHD as a very young child in 1972, Nic is very open about his journey with ADHD, and related mental health issues that he has experienced in adult life. A big part of this journey has been Nic’s discovery of, and passion for cycling. Like Adam Liebovitz in “Riding is my Ritalin”, Nic discovered that, through cycling, he was able to manage his symptoms, and was happier, healthier and more focussed in all aspects of his life. Following this, Nic has reached out to people and organisations to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling (and other exercise) for people suffering from ADHD and other biochemical and/or mental health issues.

Meet the N2SH x Pedla team


Saffron Button

Brydie Clark

Erin Ferguson

Katie Taylor


Samuel Barnden

Matt Boys

James Butler

Leigh De Luca

Jai Kanet

Tom Leaper

John Maguire

Cameron McDonald

Ryan Schilt

Hamish Webber

Our Community

As cyclists we exist in a community. Groups large and small. There’s the local teams, road races and crits. But also the group – cyclists, friends, locals – who roll out for a morning training ride. Our new team has grown from these traditions. It’s about celebrating relationships that were always there. We’re proud to have seasoned riders on board. We’re also passionate about making this team a welcoming, social and inclusive space, encouraging young and new riders to join us on the road.

Images taken at HCC Crits | #localcrits

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