Nature Collection Launch

The Nature collection is inspired by the ephemeral and unique forms of the natural world. What we feel as we ride: the curve of the road as it follows the topography, the foliage above our head that keeps us cool.

What we notice on roads new and familiar: the scattering of leaves after a storm, the shifting shadows of a windy day. Riding is a singular way to experience an environment. Close to nature, and part of it. Shop your early access to the limited run of our Nature collection.

NEW Classic Long Sleeve Jersey

Redesigned and reimagined. It builds upon its predecessors to deliver performance and comfort in any road cycling conditions.

NEW - Classic Gilet

A lightweight, stowable gilet layer made for long rides in changeable conditions.

NEW - Classic Base Layer

A sleeveless base layer constructed from breathable lightweight performance fabric, designed to support temperature regulation and comfort.

NEW Classic Jacket

The perfect cycling jacket for light rain and wind - lightweight, stowable, and featuring advanced wind and rain protection technology for maximum comfort on long rides.