Team Camp 2021 | Pana Organic X Pedla

Team Camp

Stunning views, constant banter and endless Pana Organic snacks was the general theme of our 2021 team camp.  The weekend was all about connecting and developing a strong sense of team.  After a year of virtual catch ups, discord chats and Zwift rides, it was incredible to be together in one place immersing ourselves in the moment.  The setting for the camp was the beautiful country around Warburton and Marysville.  The quiet roads, towering gum trees and varied terrain make it a special place to explore.   We set out from Melbourne by train allowing us to ease into the journey before hitting the road in Lilydale.  Forty kilometres of flat gravel goodness on the Warburton Rail Trail was a great way to start the ride.   Over the following two days we explored the stunning Reefton Spur, ascended Lake Mountain and Donna Buang and snaked our way along the bitumen and gravel of the Acheron Way.  Surely the most beautiful road in the region. Off bike time was just as important with dinner, drinks and a mobility session (by Yago Aldir) scheduled to loosen the limbs before day two.  Having the time and space to enjoy a full weekend on the bike together with no time pressures was special.   As any cyclist knows, the best friendships, stories and connections evolve from an adventure or tough day on the bike. 

Words | Jenny Pettenon

Lilydale - Marysville

Pana Organic Founder: Pana Barbounis

"We are super excited to partner with Pedla’s local racing team. This is the perfect partnership as riding is all about health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Whether you are riding for K’s or riding to your local shops, it is good for you and good for the planet. We will be there to support the team and keep them fuelled along the way with their favourite Pana Organic chocolate, spreads and frozen desserts." 

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The Team

The team is comprised of a mix of riders. Riders who love the sport and understand inclusion, encouragement and development as well as striving for personal goals. Competing as a team, proudly and humbly understanding their role as a public representatives for their sponsorship companies.

Women's Team

Men's Team

Team Manager

Jenny first joined the Pedla family when she travelled with the team to the Taiwan KOM Challenge last year.  Stepping in to the Team Manager role earlier this year, Jenny is keen to foster a supportive team culture where each individual can strive for their own goals both within the team environment and beyond.  The team assembled comprises a mix of diverse but passionate riders who all love the sport and the experiences, connections and challenges it brings. As a team we’re looking forward to racing, reconnecting with community beyond Zwift and representing the sponsors we’re proud to be aligned with.

Mobility session with Yago Aldir

Marysville back to Melbourne

Best on ground

Special thanks to Carson Geo for the on ground support throughout the weekend.