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Tie Dye Collection

Hazy Days

Our new Tie Dye print gestures to the shifting conditions of the road, the moments glimpsed as we ride. The dusty haze of a gravel trail, as the wheels leave dust hanging in the air. The morning fog of the mountains, the moment part way through a climb when the clouds break and the ride heats up. It’s these moments we watch unfold on the road. Pedal Beyond.

  Words: Katherine Brabon 

  Location: Bright

Bright is located 327 km north-east of Melbourne via the Hume Freeway and 77 km south-east of Wangaratta via the Great Alpine Road.

  Location: Portarlington

Portarlington is a historic coastal township located on the Bellarine Peninsula, 28 km from the city of Geelong, in the state of Victoria, Australia. 

Special thanks to the following people: Kerry Kounnapis, Zachary Mcpherson, Katherine Brabon, Paula Schultz and Ewen Shard.