Noah Collins

A qualified biohemist and experienced endurance coach and athlete, meet Noah.

Words by Noah Collins
Photography by Allen Krughoff

The Boreas Pass Loop

120km, 1500m

Who are you, and why do you ride?

I am a man who is passionate about making the world a better place, pursuing big dreams and loving the people closest to me. I ride because it’s freeing, it’s a strong love of mine, and it’s where I have found I can reach the most people. My cycling journey is one that can relate to people who feel out of place in the sport. I ride because I feel it’s what I’m called to do.

Local Loop or New Routes?

I live in Colorado Springs and ride mostly here. I love to venture out to areas of Colorado that have been untouched by my bike tires! There is no better adventure than summiting a climb I’ve never done before.

How do you stay motivated?

I have been riding for 16 years now and my motivation has always been to be better than I was yesterday. Although competition is a big area of motivation, I mostly focus on being the best version of myself. Inspiring others is a huge motivator for me. When someone starts riding a bike because of what I do for a living, it makes it all worthwhile.

"There is no better adventure than summiting a climb I’ve never done before."

What’s your training regime?

I typically train 15-25 hours per week depending on the time of year, upcoming race, specificity of the training block, etc. Because I coach during the day, most of my hours are accomplished in the early mornings followed by an afternoon ride if the weather cooperates! I am fueled by Skratch Labs, Turkish delights, an occasional Bobo and Honeystinger waffles!

Do you have a next big ride/event/trip you’re getting ready for?

I was always enamored by Tuscany from watching the Strade Bianche. To ride there with no power meter data, no computer, no distractions would be the dream! The 2022 version of the Last Best Ride starting in Whitefish, MT will be the newest event for me this next season. I expect it to be hard, gorgeous, and eerie (thick bear country), but so worth it.